easier said than done.

forgetting the past isn’t an easy thing to do. but once you think you’ve gotten over something, you remember how happy you were when that something was in your life.

see, once you experience something that has made you smile, you spend your nights thinking about it, replaying every moment in your head. you think, maybe if you think about what could be, that it might just so happen to come true. then, eventually you realize that no matter how much you think about it, you won’t experience that kind of joy again. and the process of trying to forget begins. you think back to yourself wondering what went wrong and what you could’ve done to make everything better. over time these thoughts drift to the back of your mind, and suddenly you see something, like a photo, that reminds you of everything that went right.
the memories and feelings rush back all at once and if you are like me, all you can and will do is absolutely nothing.



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