The Things You Shouldn’t Always Have To Learn The Hard Way

Thought Catalog

I was a difficult person. I was a difficult person to be and so I imagine that I was also a difficult person to deal with. I was so trapped by my own false, illogical beliefs about who I was and the world that I stunted myself. I was so hungry for other people’s affirmation that I was lovable and worthy that I let that little monster of uncertainty destroy many wonderful things that I had in my life. I had issues (but who hasn’t). But I’ve also seen some truly dark times: you name it, I’ve thought about it, tried it, done it or wished for it. I have been to most places some of you beautiful readers are at right now, and I know, because you tell me. I get it. And I just want to say that if there’s anything I hope my life amounts to, it’s…

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