The Things We Care About Most Are The Things We Destroy Best

Thought Catalog

I am constantly at grips between my brain’s wanderlust and my penchant for certainty. I realize my belief that the former will lead me to the latter isn’t supported by experience or logic but that somehow still doesn’t trivialize its effect. I have always felt as though things are most comfortable when there’s the possibility that they can be different, though that mindset proved to be my Achilles’ Heel. Because I put so much importance on the idea of finding truth that alongside it arrived the fear of getting it wrong, and so began my devolution into uncertainty and indecision.

What I didn’t realize until it was too late was that it was this inability to accept that most things are impermanent and uncertain and fleeting was what led me to destroying any time I would have had with them. We tend to be most indecisive about what means the most and it…

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