Your Suffering Polishes Your Soul

Thought Catalog

Like you, I have a few secrets I never tell anyone. But dear readers, there’s one secret I want to tell you. It taught me a great truth:

There’s nothing to fear from failure.

I know this firsthand. I’ve watched my dreams crumble before me like a sandcastle at high tide. My secret is one of those failed dreams.

I was once cast in a big Hollywood movie.

When that happens, people begin to talk. No matter how much you try to keep it under your hat, as soon as one person knows, the secret is out and has a life of its own. I’ve written before about how much I used to look like Bob Marley. What I left out — because it was still an embarrassment, one I didn’t want to be reminded of — is that I was cast to play Bob Marley in a biopic from…

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