The Type Of Love I Need For You To Offer

I need you to be vulnerable for me. I need to you to let yourself feel everything you want to feel and never be afraid to share these emotions with me.

Thought Catalog

I once admitted the type of love I could offer someone else. However, I realize that it is healthy and perfectly normal to admit what you need from someone. These are the two parts of the type of love I admire; the type of love I hope to one day help build.

I don’t need you to have abs I could hand wash a Burberry scarf on. It’s not required that you have blinking white teeth or hair that blows in the mind like you’re in a Garnier Fructis commercial. I know that these things are fleeting and I need us to not be temporary. I need you to feel safe belting Miley Cyrus with me on the highway, I won’t even mind if you’re off key because your voice will still be joyous and lovely.

I want you to be adventurous with me. No, I’m not asking you to…

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