I Don’t Hate You. I Just Love Me. Bye.

Thought Catalog

It seems as though I’ve been holding hands with a memory of you for a while. You see, the contrast between the good and the bad in this situation was so defined, that it was easy for me to rheumatoid arthritis grip on to any of the positive in our relationship (if you can call it that). I understand exactly how you’re probably feeling and that’s why I’ve come to this conclusion.

I’m not mad at you, I’m not sad, not even disappointed.

I’m just done.

That requires me to feel nothing but hope towards my future as I wave goodbye to that cute button nose of yours.

The easiest thing to do is forget how much space you took up in somebody else’s life, and that’s just what you did. You filled the space that I had for you in my life with things that didn’t pertain to me…

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