happy birthday mommy <3

Hosted a surprise birthday party for my mom on saturday! it was such a success; she was so surprised 🙂

the company was great and amazing that we got to spend quality time with the ones we love ❤


Reader Story: Left & Right

The Fickle Heartbeat

One thing I’ve learned while running this website is that love can be very diverse, dynamic, and even controversial, and to add to that there are so many different perspectives to everything.

Please hear out this story by Left. And let us know what you think! Thank you.

Red String

We call ourselves “Left” and “Right” (I’m Left) because we are opposite sides of a long red string attached to our pinky fingers… and our story begins in a couple messages via Whatsapp… messages later I told a complete stranger my darkest, deeper secrets and he loved it, not only that he shared some dark secrets from him self too.

We are both “happily married” with kids, but we are not leaving our family, we love our spouses to the end of the world, but, we also love each other deeply, sincerely… like we have never loved any other human…

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proud big sister :)



So proud of my little brother. first of all, he passed his black belt test. He is officially a black belt in tae kwon do now.

I would never be able to do something like that’ he’s so brave. secondly, he graduated! elementary school, of course. he is off to middle school.

soon enough, he will be going to college 🙂 he is such a successful little boy and has so much potential.